Education for Development

Every scholarship provided to a child is a step toward overcoming poverty. Once a child is given the opportunity to realize their dreams, they give back to their community, creating a rippling effect that is the foundation for social change. And all this starts with your support.


Our Programs

From providing scholarships to building dormitories, we do what it takes so children can focus on their education.


For over 30 years, we have promoted education in 5 countries, establishing our reputation as a leader in the cause.


Every community is different, so at EDF, we believe in partnering with communities to provide the best possible support.

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how you can help

Sponsor a child

Most donors choose to support one or more students through school

Program Support

You can also donate to specific programs from transportation to lodging.


We're always open to volunteers who can help us further our mission!

Mac’s home

A glimpse into the life of a student

Mac, an 8th student from Thailand

Since he was in elementary school, Mac has always been a hard worker. Between school and helping his family in the fields, he used the little free time he had to practice soccer, which is his passion. When it was time to go the middle school, however, his family couldn’t even afford to pay for his school uniform. Fortunately, we were able to match him with a donor who will fund him through 9th grade! Now he and his parents can take comfort knowing the opportunities that this education will provide him.

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